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Want to make a profit in a sustainable and ethical way?

Innovation is everywhere,
sustainability our must.
The Social Innovation Studio, where you can boost your business through sustainable and social impact strategies.
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“A label alone is not a metric for business growth. You need a strategy and a model that generates measurable benefits for your stakeholders in order to consider those benefits as growth metrics. And that’s what we do with passion!”
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Be part of the green transition and design your social impact strategy with the Double Impact Canva©️ to grow your business.
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e4g Startup Program

Starting from your Challenge, we help you to define your business strategy and model to generate a strong market impact through a dedicated market validation’s path.

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e4g SMEs Program

Starting from your corporate values, we support you in identifying a strategy to address the green transition and grow through sustainability and social impact metrics

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e4g NPOs Program

Starting from your values and priorities, we support you in presenting them aligned with donors’ requirements, measuring your real impact and being recognized as accountable and effective.

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e4g Grants Support Program

Thanks to this program, you will benefit from the strategic support of the e4g grants expert to write a proposal matching with the donor’s expectations as well as your needs.

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