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As a forward-thinking leader

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Have you ever wondered how to improve your company’s profitability by creating a trusted, long-term relationship with your suppliers?
Have you ever thought about gaining market share through high social impact, measurable strategies?
Have you ever thought that through social innovation it is possible to create new market niches around your know-how?
Have you ever thought that through social innovation it is possible to create new market niches around your know-how?
If at least one of these questions has aroused your interest and desire to know how to make your business a market leader in the coming years, the e4g SMEs program is your way ….

Why is it so important

for your SMEs to adopt a sustainable approach to grow faster in the market?

Many big companies will require their suppliers to define sustainable goals and processes as a must to remain suppliers. Companies’ top reasons for addressing sustainability include improving operational efficiency and lowering costs jumped 14 percentage points since last year, to 33 percent.

Source (HBR & Mckinsey)

The consumer habits are changing. More than 78% of consumers behaviours are shifting to being keener on prioritizing durability, recycled materials, responsible brands, and third-party certification.

Source (Globescan data 2020 consumers behaviours)

The global green technology and sustainability market size was valued at $8.79 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $48.36 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 24.3% from 2020 to 2027.

Source (Alliedmarketresearch)

In the e4g SMEs program, we will support you methodically in the identification and development of strategies and processes that can enhance your company, making it sustainable and in line with market needs.

Which are the benefits

of the Double Impact Canva©️ approach?
There are lots of metrics that can help you to see the advantages of this sustainable approach.
For example, some of these key metrics are:
Develop a competitive advantage
in the market that will allow you to build strong relationships with your stakeholder and shareholders while improving your brand awareness and reputation.

High productivity and increased involvement
of the team, employees and other stakeholders in business processes means more focus on what it takes to grow and more willingness.

Virality of the business and the brand
the tangible demonstration of the real commitment that the business sustains to improve the ecosystem in which it operates and because of the attention dedicated to its stakeholders make it possible.
Increased loyalty and reduced retention costs
The impact demonstrated by the business to the market allows for greater involvement and sharing by its customers, increasing trust in the solutions proposed by the startup.
Improve your brand value and reputation
you will acquire the brand positioning and more reputation in the market useful to create your non-competition area and to be considered as an accountable and reliable expert in that sector of the market.
Talent attraction and retention
By adopting the right internal and external policies, it will be easier for you to attract and retain talent capable of helping you climb the ladder because they are also motivated by values. The pleasure of working in a special place and in a special company with a positive impact.

and more …

How does it work

the e4g SMEs program:


The plus

of e4g SMEs Program


An e4g project manager will follow your project by supporting and coordinating the work of your internal team. He/she will be by your side at all times to analyze data and information to define the best route to achieve your goals.


Our strongest point is that every program is totally tailored and customized to your expectations. Methodically, we will help you to design a sustainable strategy that best fit your needs and goal.


You can get in touch with specialists from our international network, specific to your case, to develop the ideal sustainable strategy for your company.

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