Social Commitment Program

We open our doors to those whom usually doesn’t have a voice

Each year, we select a project in a vulnerable area of the world and provide free consulting to kickstart it.

We look for ambitious ideas with high potential social and/or environmental impact.

In 2021

we supported “A casa Verde”, by Chiara Corbetta, to reclaim an old dump in Mozambique where to create an ecological oasis and generate many new green jobs.
e4g social commitment (foto 1)
Chiara reached out without any capital, but a dream, a good network and a lot of goodwill. She needed to present a structured plan to the local authorities to get financing. Still, she is an international development volunteer in Mozambique with few competencies in management, business modelling, business planning, HR management and technology.

We loved her passion and her values, and we decided to believe in her project by contributing to develop the required documents and kickstart this ambitious project with her.

e4g social commitment (foto 2)

The 2022 award winner of the

e4g social commitment program could be your project.

That’s what we are looking for:
you don’t have the financial resources to develop your business
you are struggling to structure the idea in vulnerable areas
you are a value-driven person/team wishing to make an impact on a specific community
you’re thirsty for learning with an humble and proactive attitude
* Applications will open January 2022