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Start your journey to validate your sustainable business model


Have you ever thought about growing your startup thanks to a high social impact model?


Have you ever felt like you were wasting too much time behind the theory without ever getting results in the market?

Are you interested in understanding practically how to develop a sustainable business?

If one of these questions reflects your situation or your needs, the e4g startup program that we have created and applied to other businesses like yours, It’s the right solution for you!

To ensure a better future for our society and our environment, the world needs more sustainable businesses. Still, too many startups and enterprises lack the relevant skills and method to turn notions into practical and measurable actions.

Why is it so important

for your startup to adopt a sustainable approach to grow faster in the market?
In the process of development and validation of an idea or a business in its first steps in the market, one of the essential elements that can make the difference between obtaining or not useful results and growth is the ability of the business to involve the right people in a short time.

To create a strong position in the minds of your stakeholders, you need to demonstrate the impact that your business has or can have on the ecosystem in which you operate. And not just your end customers.

The trust and virality that is unleashed through valuable sharing is in itself a measurable growth metric for your startup.

Metrics that, over time, can help you grow your business exponentially by reducing the impact of the costs of finding and retaining customers as well.

Beyond that, taking this kind of approach can allow you to gain a greater strategic competitive advantage by building and strengthening relationships with partners and suppliers who share your same values.

“A label alone is not a metric for business growth. You need a strategy and a model that generates measurable benefits for your stakeholders in order to consider those benefits as growth metrics. And that’s what we do with passion!”

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Which are the benefits

of the Double Impact Canva©️ approach?
There are lots of metrics that can help you to see the advantages of this sustainable approach.
For example, some of these key metrics are:

High productivity and increased involvement
of the team, employees and other stakeholders in business processes means more focus on what it takes to grow and more willingness.

Virality of the business and the brand
the tangible demonstration of the real commitment that the business sustains to improve the ecosystem in which it operates and because of the attention dedicated to its stakeholders make it possible.
Increased loyalty and reduced retention costs
The impact demonstrated by the business to the market allows for greater involvement and sharing by its customers, increasing trust in the solutions proposed by the startup.
Improve your brand value and reputation
you will acquire the brand positioning and more reputation in the market useful to create your no-competition area and to be considered as an accountable and reliable expert in that sector of the market.
Talent attraction and retention
By adopting the right internal and external policies, it will be easier for you to attract and retain talent capable of helping you climb the ladder because they are also motivated by values. The pleasure of working in a special place and in a special company with a positive impact.
Reduced acquisition costs
the ability to reduce end-customer acquisition costs that will allow the startup to pursue its larger goal. That of improving the ecosystem.
The ability to forge strong and lasting strategic partnerships
Building relationships based on a value-based approach and not just price will help you intercept the right strategic partnerships. It will help you to amplify your impact and acquire strategic partnerships, fostering business growth.
and more …

Are you ready to build your profitable and sustainable business?

What you can get

from e4g Start up Program?

Keys Market & Data

You will get a different type of data, regarding customers, market insights, industry experts– all tailored to your needs. As a start-up, you will also be able to prove and conduct several tests to find the right solutions on your market. In case you want and need more time, there will be opportunities to be helped to achieve your results even after the program has ended.

Tailored approach

Our strongest point is that every program is totally tailored and customized to your expectations. Together, we create, design and find a common foundation to find the right “Frame” that better fits with your expectations and results. “The Frame” is crucial to find the right solution. We adapt and customize everything to you and that you can feel comfortable.

The best sustainable mentors

A wide variety of mentors – sustainable mentors, field experts, professors, responsible entrepreneurs to senior managers – will be your future best friends. All mentors will give tailored support and open doors to their wide network. Our goal is to create highly valuable and deeply meaningful networks between you and the mentors that you will be fruitful also after the end of the program.

Impact ecosystems

You will become an e4g business changer, with the clear objective to reshape the world in a sustainable and ethical way. We focus on having a strong impact on the local ecosystem and putting sustainability at the centre of your business. We are completely engaged and totally focused to solve some of ESGs before 2030, in your business, and contributing in this way, in a small part to the eradication of one of these issues.
Activity and duration

Are you ready to build your profitable and sustainable business?

What does it mean to join

the program?

This is a functional program for anyone who has an undeveloped idea or for anyone who has an early-stage or medium-stage startup that is looking for sustainable growth models.

The e4g startup program is reserved for those who have a business idea or a start-up that has already more than 6 months since its creation.

Joining the e4g start-up program means:

Act as an active owner and tailor our support to individual needs
Prioritize impact scalability by ensuring enough time for business building.
Encourage the creation of a network between entrepreneurs as well as partners and mentors.
Ensure flexibility in regard to participation and make all content available online
and having FUN …

To access this program, there are 2 options.

The selection criterion for one of the two indicated paths will be proposed to you by e4g based on the analysis of several parameters.
we can work together for equity

we can work together with a fee without equity