Who relied on us

Some of our most recent collaborations. Get to know those who have relied on our professionalism and competences ...

Our professional contribution:
Events organisation, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainability innovation, Benefit Corporation consulting
Our professional contribution:
Ethical start-up coaching, Bespoke ESG training, Sustainable management
Our professional contribution:
Coaching for social Start-up, Ethical communication, Intangible values assessment for web/media presence
Our professional contribution:
ESG Teaching, Support

Development of sustainability programs in academia, mainly targeting students at US universities

Our professional contribution:
Sustainability Reporting
Reputation lab-transparency
Our professional contribution:
Project partners, Intangible values assessment for web/media presence, Ethical start-up coaching

Technical development related to the evaluation and calculation of intangible business values in relation to sustainability principles

Our professional contribution:
Project partners, Compilation of energy community report, Events organisation, Bespoke ESG training, ESG reporting

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